The final Thursday night footy of season 2019 is here and there are over $100,000 reasons to get amongst it

It is really tough to avoid absolutely smashing the GWS midfield tonight. Bombers were bad against the Eagles and there is every chance that there will be a repeat thumping tonight.

But just which GWS mids are worth it tonight and which can be tactically faded? And if you are saving that coin, who are you paying up for elsewhere?


Here is my team you can consider using, or building around, for CONTEST


Toby Greene ($10,960): It appeals to me to take Green into a contest where majority of the field will be looking at the bottom tier forwards. He is capable of a 120 which could be 60+ in front of the more popular picks in this position.

Brent Daniels ($7,460): So many coaches will have about 7.5k to spend on their last forward so its a 33% chance tonight with Daniels, Langdon and Josh ‘i’m a good decision-maker just look at my haircut’ Begley all likely to be popular. Going with Daniels as he has four 65+ games this season including an 84pter against the Bombers from R1 and with Langdon coming in this week, it is likely we see Daniels’ pressure game ramped back up which means tackles.


Josh Kelly ($17,180): Might get tagged, doesn’t matter, can’t really be tagged. Just pick him. Move on.

Dylan Shiel ($14,340): His first game against the old firm as poor but Shiel is capable of a 130 tonight especially if Merrett is still clamped down on. Likely to be low-owned.

Harry Perryman ($11,260): Cheap enough to take even if he returns that 85-90pt game, Perryman is capable of having a big 110+ if the footy falls his way and after his poor game last week I don’t think he will be super highly owned.

Jackson Hately ($9,980): Averaged 20 touches, half a dozen marks and 3 tackles in both games so far this season. Love that consistency



Zac Williams ($11,840): We have not taken Taranto nor Coniglio which means we can spend up for Green and down here for Zac Williams who is one player, if the Bombers do stink it up, can really go nuts.

Martin Gleeson ($6.250): Gleeson could be pretty popular tonight. First game back after all of 2018 on the sidelines, Gleeson started to look really good for the Bombers back end of 2017. Who knows if he will be straight back to his intercepting best or whether it will take a few games, but at that price he is well worth playing. Has a 90-100pt ceiling.


Tom Bellchambers ($10,510): Pains me to pick Bellchambers at any time but he has 5cm and about 5kg on big Mummy and has been finding a lot of the footy lately particularly forward. Wouldn’t surprise to see him wel clear of Mummy here.


Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point