The big dfs dollars and the big dfs contests continue into R18 with another big six figure sum up for grabs in Adelaide.

This game is both easy and tricky. Plenty of positions seem like value or prime, set-and-forget selections but that is all dependant on which Adelaide Crows side actually fronts up. Which Bombers side for that matter as well.

Traditionally sides who play (flog) the Gold Coast the week prior don’t turn up at their competitive best the next week, but the Crows were so bad against Port two weeks ago that I just can’t fathom a realm where they don’t come out and give everything they have for four quarters here.

So needless to say, now I’ve talked myself into the Crows fronting up, we’ll be heavy on Adelaide players here.


Here is my team you can consider using, or building around, for the Crows v Bombers $100,000+ contest.


Shaun McKernan ($10,070):Anytime one starts a team with S McKernan one needs their head examined, but in this spot solo rucking against his former side, I am giving him one final chance to not stink it up and I think he can deliver. I expect him to be flogged at the taps but his follow up work needs to be supreme tonight and he will know that. 30pt tackle floor, 20 hitouts – that’s a solid base before he touches the footy.

Hugh Greenwood ($11,840):Greenwood’s move into the midfield for the Crows has been hit and miss for coaches trying to get him on one of his 10+ tackle, 20+ disposal days. I think this could be one of those days though but if playing multiple sides, Greenwood would be one of the first guys out of this team. If you have the mulah for Lynch you’ll get him at sub 10% I expect.


Rory Atkins ($12,500): The Crows have been called slow and they are. Atkins is one of their only out and out runners and at home he almost always delivers three figures or near enough to. Safe selection capable of paying off price tag.

Brad Crouch ($15,450):With a lot of teams going for ROB tonight I don’t think there will be too many paying up for Brad Crouch when his brother, Merrett and Sloane are all cheaper, so were are taking him as a POD play hoping for sub 15-20% ownership.

Paul Seedsman ($9,720): See Atkins only less reliable but a lot cheaper. He is playing for his spot in this side tonight. Must be everywhere.

Will Snelling ($5,000): I’ll personally be under the field on Snelling given my expectation he will be 70%+ owned and his likeliness to play in the forward line instead of onball where he has been murdering the SANFL / VFL. Smart, safe(ish) selection but brave fade and if you like your balance without him it could be the play.



Rory Laird ($13,860):Laird is due a big 120+ and again we have picked him as a POD here given Milera’s form and new midfield role as well as the plethora of value in the Bombers backline sans Hurley. He makes zero sense to play if you look at stats, pure gut feel play here.

Martin Gleeson ($7,060): No Hurely means another 20+ disposals to be shared in the backline and the guy who wa the one who stepped up in Hurley’s absense was Gleeson. He has played 3 games now and a last-start 80+ shows he can easily pay this price tag off. Should be super chalky. Should.


Reilly O’Brien ($14,320): A must-play in my opinion. A walk-up 40+ hitouts, half a dozen tackles and 20 disposals will see him clear 120pts here.


Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point