This is one of the trickiest single games of the season which makes it all the more fun – especially with one hundred grand up for grabs!

The Demons are welcoming back their entire backline, some of who have not played for a long time or together with each other (at all) which makes it extremely difficult to gauge who and how they will score back there.

Then there is the Gawn v Grundy dilemma. It really is an incredibly difficult contest but the good news is it is tricky for everyone so taking a stand on a few players and seeing them go well will really rocket you up the leaderboard in this one.

Enter the $100,000+ Magpies v Demons Contest now!

Christian Petracca ($10,140): I never pick this guy but his last fortnight has been solid enough to consider. The Demons desperately need him and he is capable of a big 90-100pt game at his best. The forward line is especially tricky today and I think some of these mid-rangers will come in very under-owned.

Brody Mihocek ($10,540): Love Mihocek today. With Cox back playing deeper we will see Mihocek play his normal lead-up game which can be very conducive to scoring if he is being hit up. In that price range again that I’m targeting as much for ownership than anything else, but I do like the spot Mihocek is in here.

Jack Viney ($11,750): Really like Viney’s price relative to his consistency lately. Coming off a solid three-figure game against the Crows, Viney is capable of having a big game on the big stage. Can tackle his was to 40pts and is finding the footy, just don’t think he kills the team at this price.

Chris Mayne ($11,970): Love Mayne here. Think he has a 110+ game in him but I expect him to be very chalky after averaging mid 90’s in last 3 games. Just kind of have to pick him I think.

Brayden Sier ($9,960): Speaking of chalky, Sier will likely be 50% owned here as coaches scramble to get access to the midfield guns. Averaged 75pts in 12 games last season.

Enter the $100,000+ Magpies v Demons Contest now!

Jack Crisp ($13,540): Paying up for Crispy in a spot where he can easily peel off a monster 120+ appeals to me, but if he returns an 80odd he will kill your team so it’s a big risk/reward play. Has 140+ ceiling and if he hits it you’re laughing as he will likely be single digits today.

Marty Hore ($10,300): Big unknown. Loves to intercept but the Dees have welcomed back two of the best interceptors in the game so exactly what role Hore plays here is a little unclear to me. Taking the punt though that the more quality in that Dees backline, the more free Hore gets to play.

Maxon Cox ($9,180): My biggest punt play today, fading the two best ruckmen in dfs land for a guy who can (and probably will) return me a 45pter. It’s the definition of insanity but if Cox does kick 3-4 goals and the two ruckmen limit each other to low 100’s, then it will have been a super play. Time will tell.


Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point