Cracking Friday night of DFS in a game where coaches can go stars and scrubs or a balanced build – but which one will prevail?

It is not often that a contest provides so many build options for coaches but that’s what we have here tonight at Kardinia Park as the Cats look to continue their dominant 2019 season.

This will be a cracker of a dfs contest. Aside from probably Dangerfield there are no players that stand out as absolute must-have men, but there aren’t too many that I’m not keen on either.

Be very interesting to see how concentrated ownership is tonight because there seems a small nucleus of ‘safer’ plays here which we have largely utilised here in the below team.

Hopefully our tactical sprinkling of some POD’s will elevate this team into the big money.


Here is my team you can consider using, or building around,for the $60,000 Cats v Crows Contest


Patrick Dangerfield ($15,570): If you are taking one absolute gun, this is the one. Loves playing the old firm and I don’t expect to be disappointing again here. Big 130+ tonight. Should be 60%+ though so if you are super brave and he flops well played.

Ben Davis ($5,000): Kid has been imporving pretty rapidly in the SANFL this season where he is averaging 17 disposals and around 70pts / game. I’ll be happy with anything over 40pts tonight from Davis. Another really chalky play, not sure this is good chalk but i’m eating it anyway.


Rory Sloane ($14,020): Should go really overlooked and under-owned tonight. I’m expecting around 20%, maybe even lower. Too many teams will take Danger and a Crouch and simply not be able to afford Rory. He has the highest ceiling of any Crows mid tonight and is constantly up for games where he gets the chance to show Danger who is better.

Cam Guthrie ($11,810): It’s the price tag for mine for Guthrie, that and his tackle floor. In this price range I don’t like Gibbs nor Greenwood so we’ve gone Cats-heavy. He is averaging 85pts in four starts at Kardinia Park which is not great but won’t kill this lineup. Really unsure of ownership, expect him to be lower than Gibbs/Greenwood etc.

Joel Selwood ($11,140): Another guy i’m not sure how chalky he will be. I rarely play Selwood but i do like those players that champion data give tackles too whenever he is in a 5m radius of the ball. Always capable of a three-figure game.

Brandon Parfitt ($10,890): This is going to be a really popular spot for most coaches to go to for their fourth midfielder. Parfitt is everything you want in a fourth mid- safe floor and decent enough ceiling. I expect he could be around 40% owned tonight though.



Rory Laird ($13,850): Love Laird tonight. No Milera means Laird should see much more of the footy and unless they send someone to him like a Bews or an Atkins to clamp him, then he will get that 110+ score at a 3k discount on Duncan owners.

Kyle Hartigan ($5,950): Big POD play. I expect a lot of coaches will opt for Jed Bews tonight but Hartigan has 5 games this year 50pts or over including a 71pt effort 2 starts back against the Giants. You could go a Hartigan/Bews combo in defence and really stack your midfield if you were brave enough.


Rhys Stanley ($11,480): Don’t like it, but can’t afford the 13k for ROB and Stanley is solo-rucking tonight (so far as we know). Likely be 60%+


Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point