Great weather and no cheap chalk makes for an absolute belter of a fantasy semi final at the G tonight!

Will the Cats bounce back and play that high-possession, clean ball movement game that we know they can or will the Eagles blow this game out with high pressure and elite foot skills?

These questions and many more must be asked before we approach selection.

With so many midfielders available in the forward line it will be popular to pay down in defence and stack a 6-man midfield. But this team has gone the other way and paid up in the backline in the hope that our cheaper mids can get the job done enough for our backs to bring it home at great ownership.


Here is my team you can consider using, or building around, for tonight’s $60,000+ Cats v Eagles


Jamie Cripps ($10,080): Gets a 2k price rise which hurts but without Rioli you think his usage only increases. We don’t expect the 4 goals but what we can expect is 1-2 majors and probably double figure marks tonight which always leads to that 90-100pt game.

Jack Henry ($7,040): Liked young Henry’s game last week and I think he can repeat that 60-70pt effort here. Seems to be a kid who is not afraid of stepping up in the big games either. Likely to be pretty chalky being cheap, dual position and coming off a 9x value game but having him in the forward line could be a unique way to build tonight.


Luke Shuey ($14,710): Love Shuey. First man picked for mine. Should challenge Danger for highest owned player on the slate and for good reason. Don’t leave him out, has a 30 disposal, 6 tackle, 110+ game in him no problems.

Gary Ablett ($12,040): Bit of a POD play,hoping for some major recency bias to creep in and everyone jump off Ablett after his woeful game last week. Big ‘forget last start’ for mine. He will be burning about it.

Sam Menegola ($11,830): Punched out a 90 despite a single digit start to the game in the first quarter, Menegola likely gets a little Duncan bump around the ground and looks a really good selection here for a 9-10x value game.

Brandan Parfitt ($10,720): 9 tackles and 20 disposals can’t be sneezed at. The price is right, if he repeats last start we’ve got a free 9.5x value game. Likely to be very popular.



Tom Stewart ($13,180): Here is where we plant our flag and make our stand. A Stewart/Hurn combo can potentially net us 250pts. It could also return 150, but if it’s near the former this team will go high because few teams if any will take both premium backs tonight. Blics back so Stewart gets to roam tonight.

Shannon Hurn ($11,990): Averages 90+ in last 5 games at the MCG, he is the captain, and it’s do or die. Only downsides are the hammy and/or if they blow Geelong out he may sit.


Esava Ratugolea ($8,110): The big risk. A lot of teams will start with Stanley or Nic Nat but I think Esava has been building for this game. Could have easily had a 75-80pt game last week if some had stuck and that was against Grundy. Likely to get to ruck against Hickey a lot where he will score. Gets a good matchup too when forward. if he has a floor game were toast but if he shows up and our defence goes well we are going big tonight!


Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point