The Tigers have a massive injury list which creates plenty of value for the visitors.

At first look, this slate is all about nailing the Tigers value but digging a little deeper, the prospect of a Crows thumping has to be factored into this which makes any ‘value’ Tiger you take a risk for the opportunity cost of drafting Crows.

As one example, young Naish is likely to be popular tonight in defence given his price tag but pairing him with Houli, who is in an absolutely prime spot, denies you access to the Crows defence entirely and if Adelaide are dominant, the likes of Laird, Smith and Milera will all score well.

It is hard to avoid taking some Tigers here but don’t go too silly, as a team they don’t light the fantasy world on fire ever and there is a strong possibility they will get absolutely pumped here.


Here is my team you can consider using, or building around, for the $75,000+ Crows v Tigers contest


Richard Douglas ($8,990): Looks like a few have gone past Douglas at the Crows in terms of outside mids which means he should spend majority of his time on that falk forward flank / inside forward 50 which is right where i want him this week. Capable of a 15 disposal, 3 goal, 80pt game here second up and coming off a 43pt effort against the Giants I don’t expect him to be highly owned.

Josh Caddy ($10,490): If Caddy doesn’t play onball for majority of this game, he will never play onball for the Tigers. Richmond have Balta who can play as that second forward, they have plenty of capable small forwards, Dusty can rest down there – they need Caddy in the middle and if he plays there, he will ton up. It’s a risk, because against the Crows if he plays predominantly forward he probably scrapes a 65, but the reward is there. Make it happen Dimma!


Dion Prestia ($13,210): Goes straight in, biggest beneficiary from Cotchin not being there. Will get his 30 touches with Cam Ellis-Yolman going to Dusty, Prestia will be Richmond’s prime midfielder.

Rory Atkins ($11,380): Love taking Atkins in these potential Crows smash spots he is more than capable of a three figure game and his recent form dictates he will be under-owned relative to his upside.

Matt Crouch ($15,380): Was first picked. Tigers won’t tag him. Will have 35-40 touches and clear 125pts.

Jack Graham ($9,790): Giving Graham another chance, he can pay this price tag off at his best but the good thing about Graham is his worst game still returns 70 odd points given his high tackle floor. A safety play, will be SUPER chalky.



Rory Laird ($13,470): I’m saying Laird outscores Houli here which is a huge risk given the form both have been in, but im in on Laird. Highly likely to be sub 15% which is nuts. CAN downhill ski!

Patrick Naish ($7,600): Loved his debut, think he can repeat second up. Going to be, with Graham, the chalkiest play on the slate but his salary relief is needed pretty badly here so he kind of has to go in. A Laird/Houli backline will be very unique and potentially devastating if you can pull it off.


Ivan Soldo ($9,590): Soldo just makes sense. O’Brien won’t have the height on him that he has done a few ruckmen that he has tonned up against, and whilst I think R’OB outscores him, i’m happy it won’t be more than 20-25pts so i’ll take the salary relief to spend elsewhere.


Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point