With the team selection page displaying more crosses than a M.A.S.H. ward and late changes forecast, this contest could be the funnest of the season!

From a DFS standpoint this contest feels more like a PGA Tournament where i’m just hoping to get 6/6 through the cut line because there are so many players who, if fit, would make great selections but who come in under huge injury clouds.

There could also be some late changes which may impact selection but for this one we’re not taking any risks and just building a team that should be very competitive in what looks a pretty one-sided game for the Eagles.


Here is my team you can consider using, or building around, for the Eagles v Bombers $75,000+ contest.


Josh Kennedy ($8,630): People just don’t like JJK anymore but i’m more than happy to go back to him at this price. If the Eagles are on their game he will bag 4-5 goals here no problems whatsoever, and he is the kind of player who can nab 3 of them in 4mins so you never really feel out of it with him. Low priced, low owned. Love him.

Jamie Cripps ($8,420): Bit of a risk given recent form but he does have a big upside if used correctly. Can get up the ground which he will need to do if a few of the Eagles players go down. Fear he will be chalky but with a 5-game average of just 50pts hopefully people stay away.


Andrew Gaff ($16,210): Love him here. Yeo will be chalky and could find company in Ambrose ala Fyfe a month ago which makes Gaff a great pivot if you have the cash. Any player that drops for the Eagles (or for the Bombers for that mater) gives Gaff a bump down the stretch. Watch a big 45pt final term.

Luke Shuey ($15,180): Just a really consistent guy who you know won’t let you down in a big final like this. Gets his 30 touches, half a dozen marks and tackles and walks off with a 110pts.

Dom Sheed ($13,280): Bit of a POD here, I dont think many will get to Sheed with three other mid’s just below and above him who are all good options. His record at Optus this year is excellent. Lock him in for 30 and a few goals.

Will Snelling ($8,860): Money dried up so Snelling squeezes in to fill out the midfield. It’s a pick-and-hope play. If he can get us 60 i’ll be very happy.



Chris Masten ($9,470): Again he is a track specialist and could be playing his final game of league footy so expect Masten to produce a big effort tonight. Could be highest owned player on the slate though.

Mason Redman ($10,050):Think a lot of people will gravitate to Jetta/Masten or pay up for McKenna which makes Redman a decent play on ownership. Think he will be under 15% tonight and can return value.


Tom Hickey ($9,890): We’re hoping he kicks a goal or two and then rucks majority of the second half…but hope is a dangerous thing!


Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point