We’ve got a monster guaranteed prize pool tonight, let’s see if we can’t pick a team to get amongst that cash!

If Grundy goes nuts and you aren’t on, it will be almost impossible to cash.


Here is my team you can consider using, or building around, for the Swans v Magpies contest.


Jordan Dawson ($11,490): Coming off a big 114pt game where he was used both forward and back. Suspect he gets used a lot more in defence tonight with Zac Jones going down, they like his hands in the contest and it will be coming into that backline thick and fast. Hundred probably bit too much but an 85-95pt game is very achievable.

Oliver Florent ($9,740): Got lucky with a few goals last week to bump his score up past 80. Averaging around 75pts in four games at the SCG which i’ll take here. Has the ceiling for a hundred and could be another guy to benefit from the absence of Jones/Cunningham, with Buddy coming back we could see Florent playing across half back for stints.


Adam Treloar ($15,850): Can get it done across all stat lines and has the best midfield ceiling of anyone here so Treloar goes in on potential but also because I don’t expect too many teams to feature both him and Grundy so there is a uniqueness there as well. Expecting a big 30+ disposal, 8+ tackle game that clears 130pts.

Isaac Heeney ($12,240):Quite like Heeney here, suspect he will have one of those 115-120pt games where he plays a lot more through the midfield. Buddy, McCartin, Reid, Papley, Fox, Blakey, Hayward – the Swans just don’t need Heeney forward this week so I expect to see him in and under trying to win it more, which hopefully means tackle stats. 25 disposals, 7-10 tackles please Isaac!

Daniel Wells ($7,850): I don’t love this play because he struggles to stay on the field for four quarters these days, and the Magpies will likely be very cautious with him, but salary cap restraints have forced it and taking a glass full approach he has beaten out a few guys at selection so he must be fit and ready to play. If that’s the case he can pay off this price tag from half forward let alone any midfield stints he gets.

Rupert Wills ($7,250): Wills be the big chalk play tonight, likely 60-70% owned as coaches try and cram in as many studs as possible with Grundy. Averaging 65pts in two games and coming off a solid 73pt game last week, Wills impressed enough for me to be confident there is a 50pt floor there that won’t kill my lineup if he bombs.



James Aish ($9,200): Forget recent form and assess on first three games of the season prior to his injury – that is the 75–95pt range of Aish when he is firing and being third up now from returning, I like this play as a bit of a defensive move. Wont bust a slate but is very unlikely to kill you if he sees out the game.

Colin O’Riordan ($8,390): This is where I have thrown the hail mary. Liked his game two games ago against Essendon where he scored 71pts (17 disposals, 4 tackles). Those are much closer to his NEAFL numbers than his other two games, and if he can get involved early we could see a breakout game from the Irishman. Big risk/reward but if the studs bomb down here and the Irishman can peel off a 75+ it will be happy days.


Brodie Grundy ($16,970):Paying 17k for a ruckman makes me sick but Grundy has returned 150 in his last two starts and all data points to him absolutely belting Sinclair here. I expect him to be the highest owned ruckman on the slate too so if he has a good game and you arent on it will be very tough to cash. We’ve made our choices elswhere time to eat some chalk and hope he goes big.


Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point