AFL R12 $50,000+ SATURDAY

Three games, fifty grand up for grabs and plenty of build strategies to consider for coaches keen to get amongst it this long weekend.

Tricky little three-gamer here with no min-priced value screaming out to be selected making coaches take a few more risks on that 8-12k range which can often be very volatile.

Embracing that volatility will be key here for GPP lineups.

For this team below, we are taking as much Brisbane Lions forward value as we can squeeze in then spending up on stable, proven players (for the most part) but bottom line, if the Lions don’t kick a big score today this team won’t be challenging the top teams.

Eggs, meet basket.


Here is my team you can consider using, or building around, for today’s $50,000 contest.


Eric Hipwood ($7,730): This is a bit of a hail mary play, one of many in this linuep. Likely he will get the Weitering matchup so he needs to beat him AND kick straight but you’d think he gets his 4-5 chances today which at that price is enough for me to pull the trigger.

Cam Rayner ($6,530): Even more risk but more reward as well because no one will be on Rayner. No one in their right mind could justify picking him, even in spots where he should have smashed he has disappointed. But he is 6.5k and he is capable of a 10 disposal, 3 goal game which will hit value and in a slate bereft of min priced value, guys like this are going to need to be relied on in order to get an edge.


Stephen Coniglio ($16,200): Best player on the slate and one few coaches will get up to given the price tag. Expect him to be sub 20% owned which means if he goes absolutely nuts and peels off a 150+, this team will be sitting pretty.

Mitch Robinson ($13,230): Big day for Robbo here. Since being unceremoniously booted from the Blues, Mitch has no doubt dreamt of a day when the tables were turned, and he rode into town on the back of a good team hungry to destroy the Blues. new coach or not, the Blues still have massive problems and one player I can rely on to exploit them, to play for four quarters and really sink the boot in here is Robinson.

Jacob Hopper ($12,770): No Whitfield gives Hopper the bump in my team ahead of a few guys around this price range, just gets better and better and with the Giants needing more outside run Hopper can show he is a true two-way player here. Big 110+ hopefully.

David Swallow ($12,150): His stats arent great this season but he is averaging just under 110/game in 5 games at Metricon in 2019. Always lifts at home. Always underowned. Any weather makes him even better value given his penchant for tackling.



Kade Simpson ($11,300): Eventually we are going to see a big 130+ from Simpson and a new coach could very well decree the Blues go back to ‘Operation Kick it to Kade’ here first up. Price is right, going to be free-flowing footy. Like him to set the tone for the side under a new coach.

Daniel Rich ($12,810): Super consistent and with a lack of consistency up this end of defence it’s easy to see Rich’s appeal especially against the Blues. A plug-and-play 90+ here from Rich.


Archie Smith ($7,100): Can repeat his first-up 55+ here and that is fine by me. Has 2-3 goal upside too if the Lions start to belt them, and the Lions also like to give Martin his forward minutes which means Smith will get solid onball mins for hitouts and tackling.


Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points