Who is our Prime Minister? Who knows? Who cares? Yeah, that’s about it. From Malcolm Turnbull to Peter Dutton, to Scott Morrison, the upper echelon (?) of Australia is in shambles. We are jumping from one to another quicker than you can say “leadership spill”.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m here to read about Draftstars, and footy, maybe hear some puns, so I’ll get to the point.

The top eight is shifting just as quickly as the Liberal party’s opinion on who the next leader is. But, the final round will call an end to all of this (unfortunately not the leadership spill). Collingwood could snatch second place from the Eagles, Hawthorn and Sydney battle it out for fourth spot, GWS and Melbourne face off in the quest for a home final and Geelong just need to win to make finals. It’s convoluted, it’s fierce and, despite it outwardly being the antithesis of everything politics is, the final round is essentially an analogy for the state of Australian politics (does that say more about footy or politics?).

Block out Saturday in your diary, flick your TV to the footy, get your phone and open the Draftstars app, open your laptop and follow the AFL site, make sure you’re in the know. You won’t want to miss a moment of the action this weekend. Not only is the season wrapping up and finals beginning, Draftstars is offering up $50,000+ in prize money and handing nearly $5k to the winner of Saturday’s competition.


Here is a team you may consider for the AFL $50,000+ Saturday competition


Josh Caddy ($10,590)

A timely return to form last week reminded the Tigers, and the wider footy public, of what Caddy is capable of. He grabbed 17 disposals and booted four goals on his way to 91 DS points. The two weeks before that he notched up 102 and 93 respectively and his three game average stands at 95. Price at $10,590, Caddy is an invaluable asset for your team this week.

Mitch McGovern ($10,090)

Adelaide are playing Carlton. It’s a dead rubber. Adelaide are seeking vengeance for their let down of a season. McGovern booted five goals in a starring performance last time these sides played. Carlton don’t have a defender to go with him. I can really only see this resulting one way. McGovern. Snags. DS points.


Jordan De Goey ($12,190)

Miraculously, Collingwood are a genuine shot at taking second spot. They’re relying on the Eagles losing, but it is still a possibility. First though, they need to win. Facing off against a side that was thrashed to the tune of 133-points last week, the chickens would be being counted. Likelihood is they win. When they win, De Goey is typically a force, kicking goals and impacting the contest. Fired up and ready for finals, De Goey could star on Saturday.

Ed Langdon ($11,820)

Langdon has been a shining light in an otherwise dismal season for the Dockers. Playing 20 games so far this season, he has made his mark as a future star of the Freo line-up. Averaging almost 22 disposals a game, Langdon has managed to take his game to the next level. Over the past four weeks Langdon has output scores of 101, 54, 125 and 51. It’s like a year three match challenge, what is the next number in the sequence? It’s got to be three figures.

David Swallow ($11,510)

‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling is a favourite poem of mine. One line from it reads “if you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs”. Swallow is just about the embodiment of this after stating his intentions to stay with the Suns. And his mind seems to be at ease, averaging 92 DS points over the past two weeks and having a bigger impact on games. In a bout that threatens to call for cries of “stop, stop! He’s already dead” against Geelong, Swallow will be a beacon of hope.

Patrick Lipinski ($8,830)

In his second season at the kennel, Lipinski has impressed. After playing just one game last year, he has appeared in 16 in 2018 and has improved out of sight. Three weeks ago he chalked up his highest score of 115 and backed it up with his second highest (84) last week. Looking to build into a superior third season, Lipinski won’t leave anything in the tank in the final game of the year.


Tom Stewart ($11,250)

After being widely touted as an All-Australian lock earlier in the season, Stewart has wavered in his excellence. Arguably as a result of a semi-serious ankle injury, Stewart missed a game and, since returning to the side, has not been his starring self. Three weeks back from his hiatus, Stewart looks to be rebuilding form, and, facing an impotent Suns line up, he will want to build into his first finals campaign. Tommy Stewart for PM!

David Mirra ($9,510)

After playing sporadically earlier in the year, he was sent back to the VFL and told to have a long hard look in the Mirra. He didn’t like what he saw so he re-cast himself as a forward and made an immediate impact for Box Hill. Seven goals in two weeks saw him asking “who is the best VFL player of them all?”, to which the response was, “it’s you, David”. Expect an increased output this week on account of his ability to go forward and snare a major.


Callum Sinclair ($13,240)

A somewhat undulating season from Sinclair has belied his importance, and impact, on the Swans line-up. Crying out for a lead ruckman at the start of the year, Longmire threw Sinclair a bone and he would be more than chuffed with the result. He averages just over 92 DS points on the year but has bested the 90 mark 13 times. He is active around the ground, takes marks and hits the scoreboard. Expect 100+ this week against the Hawks in a hugely important game.


Written by Brin Duggan

The Line Up

FWD: Josh Caddy ($10,590)

FWD: Mitch McGovern ($10,090)

MID: Jordan De Goey ($12,190)

MID: Ed Langdon ($11,820)

MID: David Swallow ($11,510)

MID: Patrick Lipinski ($8,830)

DEF: Tom Stewart ($11,250)

DEF: David Mirra ($9,510)

RUCK: Callum Sinclair ($13,240)

Salary Remaining: $970



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Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point