BBL08 GAME 47: Hurricanes v Strikers

Normally plenty has to go right for this type of build to go well but tonight just the one – Short needs to fail

The Re-cap

It was no Boyce no cash last night with 48% of the field being on the spinner who hit the fastest 50 in BBL08. Crazy. Boyce’s ownership was inflated due to him being named to open by the Renegades. 48% of coaches got tin-ass lucky whilst our seamer stack slipped out underneath the cash line. Hopefully a few of you found a way to squeeze Boyce in once Wildermuth (who was named in our side) was ruled 12th man.


Likely XI’s

Game 47: Hurricanes v Strikers @ Aurora Stadium, Launceston

Hurricanes – Short, Wade, Jewel, McDermott, Bailey, Milenko, Faulkner, Freeman, Archer, Rose, Moody (Doolan, Rogers)

  • Doing the bull dance. Feeling the flow.

Strikers – Carey, Weatherald, Lehman, Ingram, Wells, Khan, Neser, Neilsen, Laughlin, Stanlake, Agar (Neilsen, O’Connor)

  • No Siddle, no Short. O’Connor/Agar/Neilsen/Valente to go into 2 spots. Expect Agar/Neilsen. When Lehman is scoring the most runs for you you know you’re in a world of pain. Valente could be the one in though


Selection Committee

We haven’t gone into a game without the Redundant A’Postrophe all season but with Short being so highly owned in the last few games, my dfs senses are screaming at me to fade him in the hope he fails. Two-fold advantage to not having Short – one is you are probably ahead of 75% of the field if he fails and #2, you can afford players who few coaches will be able to get too having paid up for Short.

This team is built around the assumption that Short, and the Canes top three, fail for once. Hopefully it’s Stanlake or Khan who get the wickets but the big POD’s here will be Mcdermott and Bailey at likely sub 20% ownerships. It’s a mixed bag side and plenty has to go right for this type of build to go well normally but tonight just one thing, a Short failure will see this team cashing.

Team: Bailey, McDermott, Wells, Ingram, Stanlake, Khan, Faulkner.


Final Thoughts

Talk about your goldilocks scenario, this side needs big Billy and Faulkner to take an early wicket or two, Khan to be economical and grab a few wickets, Wells and Ingram to resurrect then go big and Bailey/McDermott to do the same. Aaaaaand go.


BBL08 Balance

Games: 44

Spend: $660

Win: $672.21

Profit: $12.21