How to Pick your BBL Lineup

BBL on Draftstars is an exciting way to watch the action unfold. In order to play, you have to pick seven players in a $100,000 salary cap. One wicketkeeper, two batsmen, two bowlers, one all-rounder and one flex, which can be from wicketkeeper, batsmen or bowlers. Draftstars runs games on every match in the BBL, so it really is the best way to follow all the ups and downs in the season. There are many different ways on the path to Draftstars success, here are some things to look out for when picking your teams.

Look for the Lineups

Team lineups for the match are confirmed at the coin toss, which is about half an hour before the match starts. If you follow Draftstars, or the teams on twitter, you will be able to see if there are any changes that could totally change the way you are picking your teams. The team lineup are also confirmed on the television broadcast before the match as well. The last thing you want to do is to pick your team and some of the players do not play. Make sure the players that you want to pick are in their team’s lineup and look for cheapies that are promoted up the batting order.

Pick Players that are in Involved in the Game

In T20 cricket, you need to find players who have multiple strings to their bow. A player who is listed as a batsmen, but might come on to bowl an over or two is very valuable, because it means that they have multiple ways to score points. A player listed as a bowler that sometimes gets promoted up the batting order to pinch hit is also very valuable. A player who is a great fielder is more likely to get points from catches. It is important that you pick players who can score points in different ways just in case the batsmen that you picked scores a duck, or the bowler you picked gets hit out of the attack.

Getting the Balance Right

Knowing which positions you should spend your money on is the key to consistently winning money on the BBL. Do you think that the bat will dominate the ball? Spend your money on a gun batsman. Do you think that the team batting first will be bowled out? Load up on bowlers.

Opening Blitz

Opening batsmen are able to get off to a flyer in Big Bash thanks to fielding restrictions in the first few overs. They also have the best opportunity to score huge scores because they can bat for as long as they want. Make sure when you’re picking a batsmen that they don’t bat too far down the order, otherwise they might not get a chance to bat.

Wickets v Economy Rate

In BBL06 eight out of the top ten wicket takers were pace bowlers, whereas four out of the top five economy rates in BBL06 were from spin bowlers. Taking wickets is key to getting a big score as a bowler, but the economy rate bonus, as well as points for dot balls also really add up. Fast bowlers are more likely to bowl at the start and the end of innings which are generally more expensive, but also where most the wickets are taken.

Picking the Right All-Rounder

The all-rounder is the most important position to get right when picking your BBL team on Draftstars. Picking a player that will bowl four overs as well as get a decent bat means that they have the potential to double the score of a batsmen or bowler. Players like Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Marsh, Dwayne Bravo and Shane Watson all have the potential to score huge because they are involved in all facets of the game.


**All stats are provided by Fox Sports


Per Run Scored = 1 point

Boundary Bonus: 4 = 1 point

Boundary Bonus: 6 = 2 points

Strike Rate Bonus = 1 point

For every run a player scores above the amount of balls faced: (e.g. if a player scores 40 off 26 balls, they score an additional 14 points)


Dot Ball = 1 point

Maiden Over Bonus = 15 points

Wicket = 25 points

3 or More Wicket Bonus = 10 points

Extras Penalty (wide or no-ball) = -1 point

Economy Rate Bonus (4 or less runs per over) = 25 points

Economy Rate Bonus (4.01 – 5 runs per over) = 20 points

Economy Rate Bonus (5.01 – 6 runs per over) = 15 points

Economy Rate Bonus (6.01 – 7 runs per over) = 10 points

Economy Rate Bonus (7.01 – 8 runs per over) = 5 points


Catch = 10 points

Stumping = 15 points

Run Out = 20 points


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