We’re going cheap and nasty at the top to save some mulah for some guns that can break this two-game slate open.

Just how big an impact will Liam Shiels (pictured) have returning to this Hawthorn midfield rotation?

I suspect he will hamstring the Hawks mid ceiling’s in general and in particular Henderson’s so I am not as bullish about this game as many others are.

Yes the Kardinia Park game between Geelong and the Eagles doesn’t seem as appealing, but that is precisely why it is. Not to mention we have Jack Redden coming out for the Eagles condensing their ‘ineffective five’ back to a fab four.

The ruck is a bit of a dogs breakfast really, forcing coaches to pay down for volatility like Hickey or up for overpriced McEvoy. God speed on that front!


Here is my team you can consider using, or building around, for Sunday’s $40,000 contest.


Jack Silvagni ($8,240):Taking a few big punts up top with the first being Silvagni who is constantly playing for his position in this team. Has a very low floor but a first up 87pter gives me some confidence, especially his 9 marks and 18 disposals. He got right up the ground too. Dart thrown.

Jack Petruccelle ($6,980): People may write off his monster 5 goal game last week as a one-off, but i guarantee the Eagles coaching staff saw it for what it was – a new way for the Eagles to play. This kid will beat anyone to the goal square and is still so cheap for a player who gets his peripherals. 18 disposals, 3 tackles and 7 marks – that’s 80 odd before he kicks a goal. On a ground where there is not a lot of width, people won’t play him. Can hit value.


Patrick Cripps ($17,030):On ANZAC round the mids who dominate are the ball-winning tacklers so we’re taking three of them starting with the most expensive man on the slate. He won’t get value, but he is always a 140+ threat.

Luke Shuey ($13,450): Without Redden the whole Eagles side gets a little bump but Shuey at Kardinia Park can get his tackle game going as well as pick up a few more disposals. Again, probably has that 120pt ceiling which is a little shy of his salary but i’ll take that all day.

Jaeger O’Meara ($14,720): Expect thye field to be overly heavy on Henderson. Good fade for me, i’ll take O’Meara who is always a chance of 30/6tackles/2 goals.

Tom Atkins ($7,320): Liked his 7 tackles last start. getting 28pts from defence on a 7k salary makes it hard not to have a value game. Defensive move here, if you want a fourth midfield gun you’ll have to take Cripps out and go with like a Selwood/Worpel approach.



Kade Simpson ($12,140): Just feel like this is his first ton of the season here. Been tracking close last two starts with two 90’s but Simpson at his best can return a big 130+ and I do expect the ball to be coming in very frequently.

Cam Guthrie ($10,140): Loved his return lats week, especially the 8 tackles. Have to go back again, can repeat.


Tom Hickey ($9,720):Don’t even talk to me about this selection, it didn’t happen, we’re moving on in silence and hoping that he-who-we-don’t-speak-about gets value, somehow. Serenity now!


Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point

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