To borrow a quote from the pre-eminent actor of the 21st century, Matthew McConaughey, “alright, alright, alright.” What relevance does this have to anything? Well, the season really has some legs now. Legs for days. Supermodel legs. It is… more than alright, it’s exciting!

We’ve discussed the narratives surrounding the teams still in contention for finals at length in recent weeks. And last week all but consolidated those stories for Hawthorn, Collingwood and Sydney, who now, barring catastrophe, will be along for the ride in September. However, after dramatic losses last week, Melbourne, Port, Geelong and the Roos’ finals chances now remain delicately balanced, while Essendon and Adelaide still have a remote chance of sneaking in.

On Saturday, seasons will be on the line and players will be looking to cement their spot for the rest of the year. Because of that, there is a tonne players looking like exploding in a DS point barrage, giving your team the edge it needs to take home this week’s $50,000 contest. Pick the right players and you could pocket the first prize of just under $5k. $5k is a lot, for a buy in of just $15. So get online or download the app, submit your team and ride it out.


Here is a team you may consider for the AFL $50,000+ Saturday competition


Robbie Gray ($11,510)

Robbie Gray is dazzling, he’s unstoppable, he’s a genuine freak of a footballer, and he is integral to his team’s success. With his sides finals chances on the line against Collingwood, and on the grand stage of the MCG, Gray could seriously be capable of anything. If you were baking a cake this week and he was the main ingredient, you would be excited at the prospects it holds. Who is going to play on him? Does it matter? Get him in your side. Need more convincing? A 90+ average over the past two games should help.

Rory Lobb ($10,130)

This giant Giant is vital to his side. He does it all; he plays deep forward and takes marks and is the Giants’ lead ruckman, meaning he is a duel position points threat. He exploded for 131 DS points last week against Sam Jacobs and the Crows, and with a similar task on his hands this week against Callum Sinclair, it is not out of the realms of possibility he could erupt for a similar score again.


Jacob Hopper ($12,580)

A second consecutive Giant is probably a good indicator that GWS are really hitting their strides. Hopper is one that has jumped along for the ride and entered the next echelon over the past four weeks. Over that period, he has averaged 97 DS points and topped 100 twice. He is in rare form and you would do well to ride his wave this week.

Shaun Burgoyne ($12,060)

We’ve said it before, but this man is ageless. You could be forgiven for thinking that a soft tissue injury would impact the game of a 35-year-old, but Burgoyne is a special case. Since returning from his hamstring hiatus, he has collected scores of 110, 90 and 93 to average just shy of 100. Pretty impressive.

Brayden Sier ($10,500)

I can understand questions being asked of this selection. The man has played just six games, yet his price is over $10k. I get it, but there’s a reason he is priced that way. As a big bodied midfielder, his job is to have an impact at the stoppage, and he is doing so, being one of the best at the Pies during his stint in the side. He is developing the ability to find the ball at will at AFL level and is just itching to break through for a 100+ DS point score. When you consider the midfield around him and the likelihood Port will have any plan to combat him, this selection becomes more clear.

James Worpel ($9,140)

Two things behind James Worpel’s inclusion this week. 1) I can write Worpedo when describing him, 2) his eye-catching performance against the old foe, Geelong, last week. I’m sure you’ve seen the footage of him taking on Joel Selwood and making him look silly. Yeah? He’s the real deal. A three game average of 80, and a score of 105 last week makes having the Worpedo in your team an astute choice.


Jake Lloyd ($14,190)

Llllllllllooooooyyyyyddddd. The best Lloyd ever to play? Probably not. But what is for sure, Jake Lloyd is a (certain) commentator’s favourite due to the way his name just rolls off the tongue. But it’s the amount of times it has to roll off the tongue during a game that makes Jake Lloyd a gun. The former rookie is in a contract year and is averaging over 28 touches a game. That translates to an average DS score of a bee’s whisker under 100. He is also remarkably reliable, scoring 100+ on nine occasions this year.

Nathan Wilson ($10,240)

The former Giant, Wilson is one of Freo’s prime movers out of defence. Consequently, they feed him the ball. His year has been a shadow of what he is capable of, due in large part to the team he has around him. Still, his running and kicking abilities contributed to him notching up his second highest score of the year (107) last week. Freo always seem to rise to the occasion against the Cats, and if they do it this week, Wilson will need to play a major role.


Ryan Abbott ($9,090)

After his impressive debut against the Tigers two weeks ago, he could be considered the unluckiest man to ever be dropped. He had 27 hitouts, kicked two goals, and battled manfully to will Geelong back into the contest when they looked shot. Returning to the side this week after Rhys Stanley succumbed to another calf injury, Abbott will relish another crack at the big time. Against a young, developing ruck brigade at the Dockers, Abbott could really make his mark.


Written by Brin Duggan

The Line Up

FWD: Robbie Gray ($11,510)

FWD: Rory Lobb ($10,130)

MID: Jacob Hopper ($12,580)

MID: Shaun Burgoyne ($12,060)

MID: Brayden Sier ($10,500)

MID: James Worpel ($9,140)

DEF: Jake Lloyd ($14,190)

DEF: Nathan Wilson ($10,240)

RUCK: Ryan Abbott ($9,090)

Salary Remaining: $560



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Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point

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