Changes for the new NFL Season

Who is excited to not complain about Mondays anymore?

With the NFL season upon us we have some exciting news to share with you. We have taken some feedback on board as well as doing our own research to bring you the best possible NFL product for our users. These changes were made to improve NFL generally, but more specifically the prime time single game experience. So here is what we have done to single game team structure for single games

You now have the ultimate flexibility when picking your single match lineups. Just like our NBA single game offering, there are no position restrictions. You just have to choose six players in the FLEX position.

Do you think that the game will be a high scoring shootout with both star QBs throwing lots of TDs? You can now pick them both. Do you think the game will be a defensive arm-wrestle decided by a muffed punt? You can now pick both DSTs. Do you hate picking Tight Ends? You don’t have to.

You may ask why we are doing this? We noticed that last year, multi game slates were great, but single game slates were not as popular because there were too many identical/similar teams and we wanted to offer users the ultimate flexibility to get people involved in the Prime Time NFL games. With this new format, we think that player ownership will be more evenly spread, which will make these single games a more enjoyable experience overall.

We will also be dropping the Sunday Night Football game from the main, daily contest and adding it as a single game. We received a lot of feedback last year about not offering the Sunday Night Football match as a single game. We think that with our new format, which will improve the single game experience, that it will be better to have it as a single game.


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