English Premier League on Draftstars

The English Premier League has arrived on Draftstars. The most fun way to follow the action, all you need to do is pick a team, then follow live as every pass, tackle and goal leads your team to the top of the leaderboard. We have made a few changes to our scoring system and team selection, read on to learn more.

Scoring System

Compared to the World scoring system, we have added a few new stats. Players now earn points for Accurate Passes (0.05), winning a Penalty (4) and lose points for conceding a Penalty (-2) and scoring an Own Goal (-4).
Points awarded for an assist now only count for a primary assist (the final player to pass the ball before a goal is scored).

Picking Your Team

There are two different formats when playing EPL on Draftstars. For slates which consist of Multiple Matches, you need to pick nine players under a $100,000 salary cap. You cannot pick any more than 4 players from one team. For single matches, you need to pick seven players under an $80,000 salary cap, with the only restriction being that you need to pick at least one player from both teams.


With the scoring changes, there will be changes to how you pick your team. Whilst nailing goal scorers in still extremely important, with the addition of passing stats, Central Midfielders will score a lot better, especially ones who are good at tackling and intercepting. Granit Xhaka and Fernandinho make up two of the top three passers from last season and the top six tacklers are all Central Midfielders (Ndidi, Gueye, Kante, Stephens, Mooy and Allen). Centre Backs are also more likely to score better than they did in the World Cup, especially if they can get forward and score from set pieces.




Goal = 8 points

Assist = 4 points

Shot= 0.5 points

Shot on Target = 1.5 points

Accurate Cross (DEF, MID, FWD) = 0.5 points

Accurate Pass = 0.05 points

Won Tackle (DEF, MID, FWD) = 1 point

Pass Intercepted = 1 point

Foul Drawn = 1 point

Foul Conceded = -1 point

Yellow Card = -2 points

Red Card= -5 points

Penalty Kick Won = 4 points

Penalty Kick Conceded = -2 points

Penalty Kick Missed = -4 points

Own Goal = -4 points

Clean Sheet (DEF) = 3 points


Clean Sheet = 5 points

Save= 2 points

Goal Conceded= -2 points

Penalty Kick Save= 5 points

Win = 4 points

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