NBA is back in a big way. Giannis has already staked his claims as the MVP in waiting and is the first person since Wilt Chamberlain to post four 25-point, 15-rebound games to open the season. But the only unanimous MVP ever, Steph Curry, made sure he is not forgotten with a 51-point scoring explosion on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Houston made their championship intentions perfectly clear offering Minnesota four first-round picks for Jimmy Butler. FOUR! Remember when Brooklyn essentially traded away four first round picks? Yeah? Didn’t quite work out.

Lebron finally got his first win with the Lakers! Against Phoenix. With Booker off injured. Validating the hype and move made by LA to clear the books? The jury is out.

Scepticism aside, the NBA has been a tonne of fun so far. Teams are averaging over 113 points a game, the highest mark in 49 years. And they’re scoring 100+ 88% of the time. Scoring is fun. As proven in the 140 to 136 game between Dallas and Minnesota. Dallas played an exciting game of basketball. I am as surprised as you. Luka Doncic, thank you.

Speaking of rookies, a bumper crop of draftees has already made it clear they are cut out for the big league. Trae Young has been as good as anyone could have imagined and Marvin Bagley III is making noise in Sacramento.

The Nuggets are unbeaten through four games, the Pelicans through three, and they unexpectedly top the West. Expectedly, Cleveland are laughably bad (pray for Kevin Love) and are 0-4. In the East, Toronto have backed up their conference topping 17-18 campaign with five wins on the trot. But Oklahoma are languishing, despite the return of Westbrook, and shared the leagues worst record with the Cavs.

For all the tumult, Draftstars continues to provide NBA contests each day. $100K was won during the week and tomorrow another $15K is on offer tomorrow. Get on your devices and cough up a meagre $15 to enter the NBA Saturday contest and give yourself a shot at winning over $1,140.


Here is a team you may consider for the NBA Wednesday $15,000+ competition

Point Guard

Eric Bledsoe ($13,280)

Bledsoe has started the season just like his Bucks, hot. Feeding off Giannis Antetokounmpo’s dominance, Bledsoe has relished his role with Milwaukee so far this season. He has averaged almost 40 DS points a game this season by way of a stat stuffing 16 points, five rebounds and seven assists going rate. Factor in the Bucks’ lack of depth at the PG position and Bledsoe is a must have.

De’Aaron Fox ($11,110)

The Kentucky alum made a tepid start to his NBA career last season but has made it clear he is destined for bigger things after a positive start to 2018-19. After a showdown against Russell Westbrook in which Fox managed 45.3 DS points, he came out three days later with another 40 point showing. He has contributed defensively so far this year as well and offers scoring across the board.

Shooting Guard

Buddy Hield ($8,120)

Buddy was a college ball stud. He came into the league as an offensive weapon with a deadly three-point stroke. Drafted to New Orleans, he became part of a trade for DeMarcus Cousins as the Kings staked a major showing of faith in his potential. Now in his third year, Hield is a key part of the Kings youthful offence. The man is averaging two three pointers a game and is great value at $8,120.

Luka Doncic ($11,360)

Mans cold. Averaging 19 points a game this year, he is the Mavs equal leading scorer. Hello future of Dallas. His scoring is in large part due to owning a large part of Dallas’ offence, and this is not going to change anytime soon. Averaging over 37 DS points over his last three game, Doncic is a savvy choice. If you needed any more convincing, his mum was a Slovenian super-model.

Small Forward

Jabari Parker ($12,980)

After crossing over to Chicago for the season, Parker’s offensive share has increased. Taking over 12 shots a game, Parker is converting at a rate less than his career average. Kris Dunn is missing from the Bulls line-up as well so expect Parker’s workload to go up again. A small increase in efficiency will give Parker a DS boost that will belie his price. Good value, great upside.

P.J. Tucker ($9,730)

Tucker has scored over 25 DS points in 50% of his games so far this season. Yes, it’s a small sample size but it’s worth betting on. A 43% clip from three makes his selection more intriguing, and when you eliminate his 12.5 DS point showing against the Clippers, he has averaged over 25. James Harden will miss on Saturday and he is priced at less than $10K. I need not go on.

Power Forward

Julius Randle ($11,660)

Randle’s on-court value is completely different to his DS value. You might not think much of him as a player, but by golly he can rack up DS points. His all round game and scoring efficiency translates directly to fantasy value, a place while his real-world defence is completely irrelevant. On the Pelicans, he is averaging almost 20 points a game and is getting it on the glass, snatching nine boards per contest.

Marvin Bagley III ($9,110)

A third King. I can understand the hesitancy. And you’re right. But Sacramento are 2-3 and are (maybe a little bit) better than they have been. Despite their continued irrelevance. The good thing about Bagley (and Hield and Fox) is the youthful direction GM, Vlade Divac and owner, Vivek Ranadivé, are steering towards. Bagley has not started a game so far yet still averages 25 minutes and almost 15 points a game. He is only going to get more involved in the Kings gameplan as well.


Jarrett Allen ($11,360)

Allen is the Nets starting centre. Though Greg Oden could probably start at Brooklyn if he wanted. That being said, Allen is a baller, and he’s been balling. In his first two games he nudged 40 DS points and, excluding a poor game against Indiana, has averaged almost 35. 10 blocks in his first four games is a good sign, as is his ability to get it on the offensive end. Coming up against Anthony Davis will be a challenge, but one he should be up to.


Written by Brin Duggan

The Line Up

PG: Eric Bledsoe ($13,280)

PG: De’Aaron Fox($11,110)

SG: Buddy Hield ($8,120)

SG: Luka Doncic ($11,360)

SF: Jabari Parker ($12,980)

SF: P.J. Tucker ($9,730)

PF: Julius Randle ($11,660)

PF: Marvin Bagley III ($9,110)

C: Jarrett Allen ($11,360)

Salary Remaining: $1,290



Point Scored = 1 point

Missed Field Goal = -0.25 points

Missed Free Throw = -0.25 points

Assist = 1.5 points

Rebound = 1.25 points

Turnover = -0.5 points

Steal = 2 points

Block = 2 points

3 Point Made Bonus = 1 point

Double-Double = 2 points

Triple-Double = 2 points

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