PGA $15,000+ U.S. OPEN

It’s not every day that we get to see the best golfers in the world, at one of the most iconic courses in the world, getting absolutely torn apart.

That is what we have to look forward to this weekend as the US Open returns to Pebble Beach where there will be zero kindness shown for anyone who is not deadly accurate.

It’s a brutal cut as well (top 60 and ties) so getting 6/6 through to the weekend is a pipedream. I’m focusing on trying to nail the wininer and getting 4/6 through – I think that will be very competitive here.


Rory McIlroy ($21,990): Love that he is the most expensive and love that people are writing him off. Fact remains he is the best player in the world and if he is on, if the wind stays calm, Rory will win this at amazingly low ownership. I’m on.

Tiger Woods ($19,720): Tiger is back at Pebble and I will give myself the mother of all uppercuts if he wins and I wasn’t on him. Too short to back at the bookies though which makes him the prime target for DFS teams. Has the approach game, the putting, has the temperament, and has the course history. It’s just off the tee. if he nails that he will be there in the last few groups Sunday.

Justin Rose ($17,190): Speaking of low-ownership, no one is talking about Rose this week. So many haters after his last month of golf, pretty much since the Masters people have been off him. He is still one of the best in the world and at this price, it is criminal not to pick him.

Justin Thomas ($16,690): Everything I said about Rose applies here, only JT is coming back from an injury not poor form. In fact his Sunday at the Canadian Open was great, there were signs there that he is rolling into top form again. Has all the shots. Love him here.

Danny Willett ($12,960): Getting four of the top 6-7 golfers in the world into my lineup comes at a price and that price is to be paid in my last two selections. Taking Willett is a big risk but he is a great iron player and these coastal courses do play much more like British Open conditions, just think he is a decent chance to sneak into the weekend here at a great price. I expect one of my four guns to blow up, so hopefully Willett can sneak in.

Scottie Scheffler ($11,360): Dominating the tour and really, he can go out and play like he has nothing to lose here because he doesn’t. Form is form.

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