VICE Sports: NRL Wearable Tech

With the advent of wearable microtechnology, sports scientists can now take their work out of the lab and onto the playing field. One sport taking advantage is the NRL, which is using the data collected from wearable devices to help maximise performance and prevent strain and injury.

The GPS devices are lightweight and barely visible, meaning players can wear them comfortably during matches with no interference to performance.

Lightweight sensors comprise accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, and heart rate monitors which, combined, record more than 900 data points per second. From this data, a raft of information can be gathered including distance gained, speeds achieved, and how tackling effects player performance.

VICE Sports Australia spent time with Chloe Cummins, R&D sports scientists from tech firm Catapult, to find out how wearable technology is putting the NRL at the head of the pack.

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