FREE NBA $10k Pick 6 Wednesday Best Buys

john-wallDraftstars are pleased to offer a FREE NBA $10k Pick 6 contest, which kicks off next Wednesday.

Want to know how it works? Simply pick six players from six pre-selected groups, and go in the running for a share of $10k! We’ve put together a line-up ahead of next week’s FREE NBA $10k Pick 6 contest for you to consider.


Here is a team you may consider for the FREE NBA $10k Pick 6 competition


John Wall

Group One features some serious talent including the likes of Hassan Whiteside, Karl-Anthony Towns and Mike Conley, but John Wall is the pick of the lot. Not only has Wall averaged 24.8 points and 9.2 assists in his last six games, but he comes up against the Orlando Magic – a team he always puts up big numbers against. Just a few days ago Wall stacked the stats sheet with a 26-point, seven-rebound, 10-assist, three-steal performance, shooting a handy 56% from the field. We can expect Wall to again bully an inconsistent Magic backcourt. Elfrid Payton’s frequent brain fades, D.J. Augustin’s lack of size and strength, and Orlando’s tendency to commit a lot of turnovers means Wall should find a lot of space and fast break opportunities to fill the stat sheet once again.


Eric Bledsoe

By far, Eric Bledsoe is the best choice from this second group and there’s one key reason for this. Every other player in the group can easily play to their average, however Bledsoe’s ceiling and ability to score bigger scores on a more frequent basis separates him from the rest. What does hold back Bledsoe though is Brandon Knight – the longer the Suns hold onto Knight, the harder it is for Bledsoe to play consistent minutes especially on nights where he struggles with his shot early. In saying this, this shouldn’t be something that puts us off selecting Bledsoe. All season his form has been relatively good; averaging 19.2 points and 5.4 assists from approximately 32 minutes a ball game; however it’s his form of recent that gives us more reason to choose him. His minutes have increased and so has his production – averaging 25.8 points, 7.5 boards, 6.8 assists, two steals and 1.3 blocks. Again, his ceiling is the swaying point.


Dwyane Wade

Although being the only veteran on the list, Dwyane Wade’s old man game has far exceeded all expectations in the early part of the season. The combination of Rajon Rondo, Jimmy Butler and Wade received criticism during the offseason for the lack of shooting in the backcourt, but have been on fire from beyond the arc, with Wade shooting 38.5% to date; well above league average. Look for him to bully the younger, leaner Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in the post on the way to filling the stat sheet. Although Joel Embiid – another legitimate option in Group Three – has a higher fantasy average this season, the grit and grind Grizzlies, currently with the fourth most efficient defence anchored by Marc Gasol, will make every shot Embiid takes a challenge.


Derrick Rose

Although he will never be who he once was, Derrick Rose is still a productive NBA player, with respectable averages of 15.9 points, five assists and 4.2 rebounds. Along with that, he has performed consistently in his recent outings, scoring 12 or better in his most recent seven games. The inconsistencies of Robert Covington, Nikola Mirotic, Brandon Knight and Marcus Morris indicate to us that Rose is our best pick from this group. Compared to the other players in Group Four, he is the most consistent performer, along with having the highest upside due to his high usage rate.


Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Group Five is the hardest list to choose from but Kentavious Caldwell-Pope stands out from the bunch. His 18.5-point average in the last seven days is a huge upside, especially given his high field-goal percentage of approximately 48%. Given Caldwell-Pope will be up against an old and slower Dwyane Wade, expect him to take plenty of shots off screens, running Wade off his feet on the Pistons offensive end. The make or break will be whether Caldwell-Pope can get his shot going, therefore given his recent percentage of almost 50%, he’s more than worth the punt. The quality of Sergio Rodriguez’s direct opponent in Mike Conley, Ish Smith’s inability to score in big numbers and Jahlil Okafor’s limited minutes mean selecting them over Caldwell-Pope carries far more risk.


Tyson Chandler

Family tragedy has made it difficult for Tyson Chandler to get on the court recently, but given his consistency in the early part of the season he is the pick of the lot from Group Six. Chandler may not score a whole lot of points, but his field-goal percentage and high-rebound numbers evidently make up for it. Four out of the 10 games Chandler has played this year has seen an output of 15 boards or more, which partner well with a 74% field-goal percentage from a fantasy perspective. Chandler’s lack of offensive assets and ability to score in big numbers shouldn’t force you to look elsewhere – his consistency on both the defensive and offensive boards should be more than enough to warrant a selection from Group Six.

The Line Up

1: John Wall

2: Eric Bledsoe

3: Dwyane Wade

4: Derrick Rose

5: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

6: Tyson Chandler



Base Points

Point Scored = 1 point

Missed Field Goal = -0.25 points

Missed Free Throw = -0.25 points

Assist = 1.5 points

Rebound = 1.25 points

Turnover = -0.5 points

Steal = 2 point

Block = 2 points


3 Point Made = 1 point

Double-Double = 2 points

Triple-Double = 2 points


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