NBA Superstar Showdown – Curry vs Harden

Well, we’re finally here. The NBA regular season tips off Wednesday morning (AST) and we’re excited to announce our newest promotion, the Draftstars NBA Superstar Showdown! First up, we’re talking Steph Curry vs James Harden. Two solid MVP candidates, title contenders and individual scoring powerhouses who’ll both be looking for a huge start to the regular season. It’s Curry v Harden in the very first Draftstars NBA Superstar Showdown. Who you got?


How it Works

The Draftstars Superstar Showdown sees us pit two superstars of the game against each other in a free Turbo contest. If you choose the higher scoring player out of the two, you score a bonus bet in the form of a $2 entry ticket. If not, don’t worry, the top 25 highest scores in the showdown win $10. Why not have a crack, it’s free to enter!


What else can you say about Steph Curry? The two-time MVP made a statement in his preseason outing in Shanghai against the Timberwolves, with a sublime 40 point display that included six triples. Fresh off a title victory and with superstar teammates Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green behind him, Curry will be looking to take the next step on his path towards a Warriors dynasty.


Another strong MVP candidate for the upcoming season, offensive weapon and triple double threat James Harden finds himself walking out alongside another superstar recruit in Chris Paul, continuing the growing trend of NBA super-teams. Harden’s coming off a season where he spent most of his time in the point guard position, so it remains to be seen what the inclusion of CP3 will mean for Harden. It’s likely he’ll drop back to shooting guard. That’s a good problem to have for reigning coach of the year Mike D’Antoni to have, and we think he’ll have no trouble solving it.

The Verdict

The team here at Draftstars were split down the middle over this one. It feels like a toss of a coin proposition, but in the world of daily fantasy there’s always an angle. In the end, we’re picking Steph Curry. As part of an established super team coming off an NBA title, they should start smoother. James Harden and Chris Paul may take a little longer to find their feet with Houston being a new member to the league of super teams, and this could mean a quieter game for Harden in comparison to Curry.



Base Points

Point Scored = 1 point

Missed Field Goal = -0.25 points

Missed Free Throw = -0.25 points

Assist = 1.5 points

Rebound = 1.25 points

Turnover = -0.5 points

Steal = 2 point

Block = 2 points


3 Point Made = 1 point

Double-Double = 2 points

Triple-Double = 2 points

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