2017 saw the immortal Warriors overcome the Cavs… again. KD was the finals MVP… again. And the NBA hinted at maybe being a little boring? There. I said it. Don’t @ me. But, if this off-season is anything to go by. 2018 ain’t gonna be.

From Burners to Jimmy Butler, potential dynasties and superstars’ reputations were threatened. Meanwhile, the Cavs were decimated as Lebron built his latest championship contender with the Lakers. Deandre Ayton went to the Suns as the number one pick, Luka Dončić became Dallas’ new Euro sensation and the Nets made a team of NBA 2K MyPlayer avatars. Kawhi actually laughed, DeRozan probably cried (then realised he was on the Spurs) and the NBA went into frenzy. Oh, and Golden State somehow managed to sign DeMarcus Cousins for seven million after he earned 25 million last year with the Pelicans. Right. Seems fair (no Warrior bandwagoner hate pls).

And after all of that, it’s business as usual. The Warriors get ready for back-to-back-to-back championships on opening night against the Thunder and the Celtics and Sixers kick-off the second season of their inevitable generational rivalry.

It’s business as usual at Draftstars too. Straight up, $15,000+ is on offer on opening night in the NBA Wednesday contest. A $15 entry gives you a shot at over $1,100. Get in and exhibit your NBA prowess early in the season by logging in to Draftstars and submitting an entry!


Here is a team you may consider for the NBA Wednesday $15,000+ competition

Point Guard

Ben Simmons ($16,570)

As Simmons attempts to be the first player ever to win back-to-back rookie of the year awards, it is hard to envisage a scenario in which his production dips from last season. Considering he was the eighth highest fantasy scorer last year and averaged a near triple-double, it seems inevitable Simmons will be one of the best fantasy scorers again this year.

Dennis Schroder ($10,810)

With Russell Westbrook in extreme doubt for the season opener, Schroder becomes a must have. Valued just under $11k, expect an uncharacteristic scoring boost and newfound inspiration in a new environment at OKC. In a pre-season matchup against his old side he put up 20 points, 6 assists and 7 rebounds.

Shooting Guard

Klay Thompson ($12,300)

Is Klay good? Yes, very. Could he be the number one man and the face of a franchise? Maybe. Will we ever know? Also, maybe. It’s his contract year this year and he’s a free agent next year. With a big season in 2018-19, Klay could be getting paid. He can pour in points and his efficiency is remarkable, this makes his a great DS prospect.

Raymond Felton ($5,630)

This journeyman made his way onto a pretty handy OKC roster last season and managed reasonable reserve numbers. Similarly with Schroder, Westbrook missing would give Felton’s stats a boost as coach, Billy Donovan, fills the gaping offensive hole left by his number one playmaker.

Small Forward

Gordon Hayward ($11,910)

After suffering a sickening broken leg just minutes into his Celtics career, Hayward sweated away all last season in training while he watched his team make a conference final. His 2017-18 season promised so much. He came together with his college coach, Brad Stevens and signed on to an already impressive Celtics side. The hype restarts this season and he will want to repay the faith.

Robert Covington ($9,450)

Bob Covington. Big shot Bob 2.0. Mans can play. Known for his impressive defence, Covington has proven his worth as a shot maker for the 6ers. Combining these skills means Covington, who averaged almost two steals and over 12 points a game last season, offers points production on both ends of the floor.


Draymond Green ($13,430)

Love him or hate him, Draymond is an NBA star. He is a three-time champion and all-star and plays with a chip on his shoulder that would appease the appetite of Andre the Giant. Despite everything, Green is exceptionally consistent and contributes points over every element of the stats sheet.

Jordan Bell ($7,370)

Only costing a touch over $7k, Bell seems an interesting choice. But hear me out. He is projected to add almost +3 to his 2017-18 box score. Expect an increase on the glass as his role within the Warriors side increases and he fights for a potential starting role.


Al Horford ($12,440)

Joining the Celtics at the start of last season, Horford made an immediate impact. His passing, rebounding and scoring aptitude means if any avenue dries up, he can still add DS scoring in another way. Despite projections of decline, he is still rated in the top 50 fantasy players for this season by ESPN, and the second best centre in this contest.


Written by Brin Duggan

The Line Up

PG: Ben Simmons ($16,570)

PG: Dennis Schroder ($10,810)

SG: Klay Thompson ($12,300)

SG: Raymond Felton ($5,630)

SF: Gordon Hayward ($11,910)

SF: Robert Covington ($9,450)

PF: Draymond Green ($13,430)

PF: Jordan Bell ($7,370)

C: Al Horford ($12,440)

Salary Remaining: $90



Point Scored = 1 point

Missed Field Goal = -0.25 points

Missed Free Throw = -0.25 points

Assist = 1.5 points

Rebound = 1.25 points

Turnover = -0.5 points

Steal = 2 points

Block = 2 points

3 Point Made Bonus = 1 point

Double-Double = 2 points

Triple-Double = 2 points

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