NRL $1,000+ Wests Tigers v Panthers Line-Up

David Nofoaluma
Sunday’s key clash for Draftstars is the big one between Wests Tigers and Penrith. There are fantasy stars galore, but we’ve locked in a number of Tigers stars.


Here is a team you may consider for the NRL $1000+ Sunday Tigers v Panthers competition

Front Row Forward

Sauaso Sue ($11,050)

Last year, Sue was a pretty popular mid-range fantasy option, after averaging 47 in his first three games and then making a successful start at prop in which he scored 48. But Jason Taylor would proceed to yank Sue between prop and interchange for the rest of the year, and even when he was a starter you could never be sure if was going to play 55 minutes or 33. However, this year is going to be a different story. He had a ripper of a first game and Jason Taylor will make sure he continues this form. Look for more points here.

Elijah Taylor ($12,200)

Elijah Taylor has made no secret of his desire to play 80 minutes, with the reduced interchanges seen as a catalyst for a player like Taylor to get a bump in minutes. He is a middle forward and regardless of whether he’s nominally the prop or lock he’s done the same sort of things. The number on his back doesn’t matter a great deal and will most likely be determined based on whether. In short, Elijah is an useful low floor/high ceiling sort of player.


Matt McIlwrick ($5,000)

Matt McIlwrick is going to be a mega popular cash cow. He’s low-priced and is a certain starter in the halves for the Tigers. He has been eased along for the past two seasons so he’ll be chomping at the bit and he’s unlikely to lack confidence as some young halves sometimes do. Although it was only in four games in the past, Matt has shown he can score well, averaging 34.75. Worth it.

Mitchell Moses

Second Row Forward

Michael Chee Kam ($5,450)

The myth was sighted in four games for the Sea Eagles in 2015 and it’s good to see that he will get bigger opportunity at the Tigers. There isn’t much in MCK’s five first grade appearances to tell us what sort of fantasy player he might be, but his reputation is of a player capable of creating with offloads at the line, that is a skill set which could gel really well with the Tigers. He will make a good impact here.

Chris Lawrence ($11,500)

Injuries had sapped Lawrence of his effectiveness at centre, but last year, a shift to the second row in Round 11 really revitalized him. Between Round 11 and Round 19 Lawrence averaged a very respectable 45 fantasy points. A Round 20 injury and then a couple of poor games dropped his average in the second row to 36. The above projection is pretty pessimistic based on the small sample size of games in the second row and it only allows for 60 minute games. If he is an 80-minute player he should be a decent bet to average in the low 40’s, in which case a decent option for your CTR position.


Dean Whare ($5,900)

Injury restricted him to just one game in 2016, with Whare scoring 10 points in 56 minutes before leaving the field with a calf injury in Round 2. The New Zealand international suffered a knee injury at training later in the year to stay on the sidelines for the rest of the season. He averaged a tick under 33 points a game in 2015 so starts the 2017 well underpriced.


Mitchell Moses ($11,550)

A revelation for the Tigers at the end of the 2016 season, Mitch Moses is an interesting fantasy prospect this year. He’s a tricky option as he’s always a risk of dropping points through errors or missed tackles, but on his day can be a great value buy. In the last six rounds of 2016 he averaged 54 points a game; before that his average was 34. Will he carry on that brilliant late-season form in 2017, or revert back to his old self? Traditionally, consistency is not his strength – last season he had three scores in the teens, four in the 20s, four in the 30s, eight in the 40s, one in the 50s and three 70+ efforts. No doubt he’s a gamble, but he could be a gamble worth taking.


James Tedesco ($15,850)

James Tedesco showed no signs of slowing down last year and tries, tackle breaks, run metres – James Tedesco gives you exactly what you want in an NRL Fantasy fullback. The fact the Wests Tigers No.1 is also a gifted playmaker – producing a dozen try assists last year – is icing on the cake. He will continue getting the points.

David Nofoaluma ($15,000)

Nofo was pretty good when he actually got on the field in 2015. His 3.7 tackle breaks per game means he broke less tackles per game playing at centre compared to the wing. However, he is a much better defender than wings are. As a fantasy option he’ll be a better scorer on the wing than as a centre – which is exactly what the Tigers are using him as.

The Line Up

FR-F: Sauaso Sue ($11,050)

FR-F: Elijah Taylor ($12,200)

HOOK: Matt McIlwrick ($5,000)

2R-F: Michael Chee-Kam ($5,450)

2R-F: Chris Lawrence ($11,500)

C: Dean Whare ($5,900)

HALF: Mitchell Moses ($11,550)

W/FB: James Tedesco ($15,850)

W/FB: David Nofoaluma ($15,000)

Salary Remaining: $6,000



Try Scored = 8 points

Goal = 2 points

Field Goal = 5 points

Try Assist = 5 points

Line Break = 4 points

Line Break Assist = 2 points

Tackle = 1 point

Tackle Break = 3 points

Missed Tackles = -2 points

Offload = 2 points

Run Metres Gained = 0.1 points

Kick Metres Gained = 0.05 points

Error = -2 points