AFL $40,000+ Giants v Eagles Line-Up

The Eagles live to fight another day thanks to Mr Clutch Luke Shuey. They are actually a decent shout this week against a Cameron and Mumford-less Giants, considering they were level at three quarter time in their Round 22 encounter. There is no shortage of bargain options here, which should allow us to splash our cash elsewhere.


Here is a team you may consider for the AFL $40,000+ Giants v Eagles competition


Toby Greene ($12,500)

Uncle Toby hasn’t had a great run of it in recent weeks, scoring three 70’s in his past five matches. However, the highest score of these five came against the Eagles, funnily enough. Tobes had an impressive day, collecting 17 disposals and booting three goals on his way to 92 Draftstars points. With the Giants missing Jeremy Cameron, I can see him lifting for the occasion up forward.

Dom Sheed ($11,650)

I would probably call Dom Sheed “my man” considering the amount of times I have chucked him in these write-ups. Another thing I noticed is that DS stands for both ‘Draftstars’ and ‘Dom Sheed’. Sheed has also posted 84 in his past two games. I’m feeling some goodboy energies at play here. Pure milk. Scored a handy 88 points against the Giants in Round 22 as well.


Josh Kelly ($14,800)

Does Josh Kelly control his own price at Draftstars HQ? Because his scoring at the minute suggests he should be well over the $15k mark. Instead, he sits at just $14.8k after scores of 126, 105, 130, 110 and 131 in his last five games. Had an absolute day out against the Coasters a few weeks ago, leaving Spotless Stadium with a lazy 43 touches and a bandage over his head. Must-pick may be a bit strong, but I’d be nervous starting without him.

Lachie Whitfield ($13,750)

Speaking of a day out against the Coasters, Lachie Whitfield tore them to shreds as well in Round 22. Whitfield amassed 130 Draftstars points from his 31 touches and 10 marks and was simply dominant on the outside. The Giants have fielded a small line-up to face the Eagles, and I feel like their plan of attack will suit Whitfield to a tee. Bit of a risky selection considering his scores of 66 and 74 in the past fortnight, but it is certainly worth the punt.

Jacob Hopper ($9,800)

Jacob Hopper has had a reasonable Draftstars season, averaging 67 Draftstars points from his 11 games in 2017. The youngster fought hard in his sides demoralising loss last week, laying 10 tackles to reach a solid score of 79. He posted just the 34 points last time he faced the Eagles, but I don’t expect this sort of result from him on Saturday night.

Matt de Boer ($8,100)

I went with Matty de Boer last week and he didn’t let me down, scoring a whopping 97 Draftstars points in the Giants’ thrashing. His price has increased somewhat but he remains at an affordable $8.1k. While he held his spot this week, he is still playing for his spot in the side every week, which means some tight pressure from de Boer constrictor. Forty of his points came from tackles last week.


Shannon Hurn ($11,000)

Shannon Hurn registered a handy 81 Draftstars points last week against the Power. We all know he loves to use his raking right boot and this game was no exception, with 16 of his 19 disposals being by foot. This total backed up his promising score of 95 against the Crows the week before. I reckon we can choose to ignore his average 67 against GWS the week before that and give him a crack in another do-or-die match-up.

Sharrod Wellingham ($7,350)

Here is a bit of a dicey one. Sharrod Wellingham has been out of the West Coast side for the past month, and played just the one game since Round 16. Wellinghaaaaaaaaam scored just 34 Draftstars points in this match against the Blues, one of three scores under 35 in his past three. In fact, Wellingham’s last 80+ score was in Round 7 against Port Adelaide. These all look like pretty strong reasons NOT to get him in, but Sharrod’s at a very cheap price. Considering he is now on the fringe, he has a hell of a lot to play for.


Rory Lobb ($10,650)

Drew Petrie shocked the footy world with an outstanding performance, but I am intrigued by Rory Lobb rucking on his lonesome. It is fair to say Rory had an absolute stinker last week, posting a paltry total of 38 Draftstars points. Still not as bad as him playing on close to goal and being driven to the ground by Eddie Betts seconds later. The injury to Mumford means that Lobb will be in the middle all day, an opportunity I think he will relish.

The Line Up

FWD: Toby Greene ($12,500)

FWD: Dom Sheed ($11,650)

MID: Josh Kelly ($14,800)

MID: Lachie Whitfield ($13,750)

MID: Jacob Hopper ($9,800)

MID: Matt de Boer ($8,100)

DEF: Shannon Hurn ($11,000)

DEF: Sharrod Wellingham ($7,350)

RUCK: Rory Lobb ($10,650)

Salary Remaining: $400



Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point