No Buddy again for Sydney means coaches will have to search out some value plays in the Swans forward line

There is no way of tiptoeing around this so i’ll just come out and say it, this game is about as inspiring as a federal election.

I really hope i’m wrong and tonight is a cracker to watch and play, but right now as i sit down to selection there seems plenty of fairly obvious plays / avoids and not much room for (good) creative thinking.

…i’ll give it my best though!

Firstly, Hewett will get Merrett making Merrett a fade for me, especially with Shiels there. Next, Stringer will likely cop Rampe for majority of the game which again, turns me right off The Package.

Ruck options are an absolute dumpster fire too.


Here is my team you can consider using, or building around, for tonight’s Swans v Bombers contest.


Jordan Dawson ($10,400): Little price drop is welcome for Dawson fanciers like myself. One of several players likely to share the Cunningham bump and a player who can get seriously hot within quarters. I can see him paying off this price tag here and having a big 10x value game at good ownership.

Brayden Ham ($5,640):Have to Ham it up here at the price, expect that 58pt debut is a great indication of what he can return again here, it’s a free square i’m taking it.


Dylan Shiel ($14,540): Making my stand on Shiel hoping that the Swans put time into Merrett. Can bank on a 110-120pt game from Shiel here but if he kicks straight at goals it could push higher. Chalky.

Josh Kennedy ($14,670): Taking the Swans captain and hoping for a big game. Is a rare player capable of 30+ and 10+ tackles if conditions suit and his team needs him to have a big game here as the Swans slip slowly off the AFL relevance radar.

Zak Jones ($12,230):Big Cunningham bump for Jones (10-15pts) makes him a great play. Will be very popular but I have taken stands elsewhere to compensate. Forget last start 58, he is averaging 90 at the SCG this season, can improve that here.

Isaac Heeney ($12,690): I never play Heeney because i never get him right. I always miss his 120 games and seem to be always lumped on him when he bombs. I just don’t see how he doesn’t have a season-high game tonight. He must. I’m not missing it.



Cale Hooker ($10,590): The Swans have no tall forwards after Reid really which will allow Hooker to stat up tonight across half back intercepting everything that comes in. Likely to be low owned.

Jackson Thurlow ($9.650): With the field paying up for Lloyd in Cunningham’s absence we’re going to Thurlow to try and have a big value game at almost half the price. Looks the man most likely to slot into that Cunningham role. 100+ will be a huge result at this price and ownership.


Sam Reid ($9,450):You could not force me to pick either ruckman tonight so i’m going with Reid who has averaged just 65pts in 3 games at the SCG this season, kicking just 3 goals in that time as well. I like his versatility though and the fact he will be called upon to help ruck as well as to help stem the bleeding in the backline. Can clear 80 here I think (hope).


Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point