We’re taking as many Magpies as we can and hoping they win by 100pts at the MCG tonight.

Collingwood are going to absolutely belt the Bulldogs here which presents two options for coaches.

Option #1 is we take as many Pies forwards as we can, we take Grundy who has the best matchup any Ruckman could ever ask for, and we hope that the game goes to script.

Option #2 is we play a contrarian team, pay up in defence and spend up for a few Bulldogs prime movers and hope that the Bulldogs keep the Pies to a low score.

It’s Option #1 all day for me!


Here is my team you can consider using, or building around, for the Magpies v Bulldogs game.


Mason Cox ($9,460): Will be popular tonight given the dual position status, but we’re still taking him because our team is built around a massive Collingwood inside 50 count. Someone has to get on the end of them and if Mason can kick 3 he should go very close to a value game tonight

Jaidyn Stephenson ($9,680):Like Cox, Stephenson goes in according to how we see the game being played. Has three figure upside and is likely to be very low owned tonight with the field paying up or down and missing the awkwardly priced Stephensen.


Jordan De Goey ($11,790):The third Collingwood goal kicker in our team, we’re hoping JDG bags 5 tonight. If you don’t think he kicks 4+ then you can’t pick him.

Chris Mayne ($13,130):Love Mayne’s new role at Collingwood just roaming around on the wing racking up mark/kick stats. Like Cunningham last night, it does make me nervous that Mayne is our most expensive mid in this team but the role is right and the plan to spend slightly down on midfielders this season is paying off so far.

Tom Liberatore ($12,970): If he gets half as many dispsosals as he has tattoo’s then he should clear value tonight. Will hopefully come out with a mind to tackle, if he does that there is a 40pt tackle floor for him. Will be pretty chalky.

Tom Phillips ($12,530):Phillips at the MCG is always a solid play and should be low-owned tonight (sub 20%). His floor at the G is 80 and we will take that tonight. Can sneak a few goals if the Pies are as dominant as we hope.



Darcy Moore ($7,550):Spending right down in our defence tonight for the first time this season. Both Moore and Richards can return 60pts each and that is all this team needs from them.

Ed Richards ($5,770): Will be very low owned after a poor start to the season on the dfs front but he is capable of a 60-70pt game. Interested to see how he is used tonight but to be honest, he is all we can afford and sometmes you just have to pick and hope. Richards gets us Grundy, its that simple.


Brodie Grundy ($16,670): An absolute must-play for mine, will lap the next ruckman by 75pts tonight. Bank 45 hitouts and half a dozen tackles, so he is sitting on 70pts before he touches the footy.


FWD:  Mason Cox ($9,460)

FWD: Jaidyn Stephenson ($9,680)

MID:  Jordan De Goey ($11,790)

MID: Chris Mayne ($13,130)

MID: Tom Liberatore ($12,970)

MID: Tom Phillips ($12,530)

DEF: Darcy Moore ($7,550)

DEF:  Ed Richards ($5,770)



Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point