Against a deplorable Demons defence, one of the big questions coaches face tonight is whether or not to fade Buddy Franklin…

The Dees have saaaaaaaarked for three weeks straight whilst the Swannies have not been that much better. In DFS land that would normally translate into wholesale price reductions but that’s not the case tonight, particularly with the big guns in the midfield.

So how to approach this one? Do we take the midfield studs and go cheap down back and in the forward line? That will be a popular build which makes me want to continue what’s been working for us so far in 2019 – take quality at the back, value up forward and hold the line with some cheaper midfielders who get opportunity bumps.

Oh yeh, and were taking big Maxy in a game where no one else will!


Here is my team you can consider using, or building around, for the Swans v Demons $40k.


Sam Weideman ($9,050): Ownership is the main reason we’re taking Weids, he has stank it up so far in 2019 and players will look at his 62pt average and just say no thanks. The price tag though is cheap enough that a small increase in output (say, another goal or two) takes him to a value game and with no Grundy, a rookie defenders down back for the Swans and Rampe likely to take McDonald, Weids has sneaky appeal i think tonight.

Sam Reid ($9,850): Melbourne’s key defence is non existent. It is known. The field will flock to Franklin which makes me want to take Reid who is likely going to be the guy Buddy is hitting lace out when he wheels and goes. Can hit value here.


Harry Cunningham ($12,070): When your most expensive midfielders is Harry Cunningham, something has gone horribly wrong! Still, without McVeigh racking up disposals across half back, Harry will be the guy they look too to link up into the forward line from defence. I can see he, Jones and Lloyd all going big tonight.

Billy Stretch ($8,440): Stretch played just 2 games in 2018 and wasn’t a poor scorer, averaging 17 disposals playing predominantly wing. He knows this is his time to crack into and stay in this Demons side so I’m expecting four quarters of intensity. Low price tag, highly motivated – it’s a combo i like to target. We don’t need a 100+ here, just an 80+ for a great value game.

Oliver Florent ($8,900): Oli can have a value game here. Has been tracking north in his first 3 games and last week peeled off a 19 disposal 69pt game against the Blues. Just needs to stick a few more tackles and find a bit more of the ball and you have your 10x value game.

Bayley Fritsch ($9,320): Laid just 1 tackle last week but 2 starts back in Geelong he made 8. That’s a great tackle floor for a guy who can also find 20 disposals and is sub 10k. If he puts it together tonight in what I expect will be a pretty contested game, Bayley can hit a nice value game at low ownership.



Zac Jones ($11,770): Along with Cunningham will be the big beneficiary of McVeigh not being in that Swans backline. I usually don’t like rostering Jones as i dont think he has the ceiling but we are picking him for a 90-100pt floor coming off a stellar 31 disposal game against the Blues, it’s clear that his role has increased at the Swans.

Jake Lloyd ($15,980): Really hoping to see Lloyd, Jones and Cunningham just junk up big time tonight. Lloyd will be sub 15% at that ridiculous 16k price tag but we have saved the cash for him because a 125pt game at 15% in a position not overly strong will be absolute gold.


Max Gawn ($14,150): Big Maxy has been poor. So poor in fact that coach Goodwin has seen fit to give him a chop out in the ruck by bringing in Pruess. That will sting Gawn badly but will also free him up to float behind the ball and/or forward. Expect a big response game here at great ownership as the field goes cheap or to the Sinclair solo ruck option.


FWD:  Sam Weideman ($9,050)

FWD: Sam Reid ($9,850)

MID:  Harry Cunningham ($12,070)

MID:  Billy Stretch ($8,440)

MID:  Oliver Florent ($8,900)

MID:  Bayley Fritsch ($9,320)

DEF:  Zac Jones ($11,770)

DEF:  Jake Lloyd ($15,980)

RK:  Max Gawn ($14,150)


Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point