Coaches will be paying a big premium on Cats players at the Adelaide Oval tonight.

The Cats have started 2019 on fire so the salary cap will start to really bite with every premium Cat you put in and with the Crows guns not cheap either, there will need to be some bargain hunting at some point to fit in those fantasy guns.

This team is being built around having a really solid floor


Here is my team you can consider using, or building around, for the Crows v Cats $50,000+ contest


Brandan Parfitt ($10,610)

The perfect place to start a balanced lineup is to not overspend in the forward line. Taking Parfitt gets us exposure to the Cats midfield rotation and his 7 tackle, 21 disposal average guarantees us a fantasy floor. The salary cappers have missed Parfitt so far this season, he is a steal at this price. Very safe floor, solid 10-11x ceiling.

Gryan Miers ($6,610)

Peeled off 20 disposals against the Dees last start for a salary-busting 74pt effort and again, has been missed by the handicapper. Is capable of getting those tackle numbers up here in what will be a more hotly contested game which makes Miers’ floor very safe.


Rory Sloane ($14,190)

Any time Rory takes on Danger i’ll be all over Sloane. Loved his start to the season and I expect him and his former teammate to shake hands at the start and both rack up 35+. Danger’s price tag is a lot more prohibitive than Sloane’s here so were still selecting with value in mind and taking the Adelaide captain. Can return 120+.

Brad Crouch ($13,800)

Hasn’t missed a step since returning from an injury-affected 2018 campaign, Crouch the younger has peeled off back to back 109pt efforts and that is his floor not his ceiling. Another really safe 110 banked here but will be pretty chalky.

Luke Dahlhaus ($13,240)

It took a change of clubs and role but Dahlhaus has his tackle and disposal floor back. Averaging 8 tackles and 22 disposals for 13k is an equation i’ll like every day. Looks to have every motivation in the world to maintain his enthusiasm and impress new teammates.

Tom Atkins ($6,650)

This guy could be pretty chalky tonight but Atkins is well worth playing. Averaging 6 tackles and just under 10 disposals in his two games so far, Atkins is more than capable of busting through the 10x value game here and again, is one with a super safe 7-8x floor that won’t bust your lineup.



Tom Stewart ($11,470)

That big red cross next to his name makes me want to play Stewart even more because the Cats defender is hard as nails and should brush that head knock off no worries. The kick-in bonus has positively impacted Stewart this season, as has the absence of Zach Tuouy. Three-figures is the floor given his role in the side.

Brodie Smith (11,230)

Working back into his role nicely after being another Crow who spent 2018 on the long term injury list. 23 disposals last week can be improved upon here, capable of a 30+ game in the right conditions.


Rhys Stanley ($11,710)

With no Sam Jacobs the ruck choice is a no-brainer with Stanley only 2k dearer than relative unknown O’Brien who does struggle to find the footy. Not expecting much out of Stanley, but his role here is not to hit value so much as simply beat O’Brien by 20 odd points and I think he can achieve that.


FWD: Brandan Parfitt ($10,610)

FWD:Gryan Miers ($6,610)

MID: Rory Sloane ($14,190)

MID: Brad Crouch ($13,800)

MID: Luke Dahlhaus($13,240)

MID: Tom Atkins ($6,650)

DEF: Tom Stewart ($11,470)

DEF: Brodie Smith ($11,230)

RK: Rhys Stanley ($11,710)



Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point