The Giants host the Kangas at Drummoyne Oval (7:15pm AEDT) and it’s a tough single gamer to start Round 2 of the AFLW with both sides stacked for midfield talent and a relative dearth of defensive and forward options.

The spanner in the fantasy wrench is the forecast which hints at a possible late arvo / early evening shower. This game had tackle-fest written all over it anyway but any (and I do mean any) precipitation will place a massive premium on selecting midfielders who love to tackle.

We will select this side assuming no rain comes, but always check the radar close to start time because plenty of players go missing in the wet in AFLW.




B: P.Randall 21, E.Swanson 17, P.Monahan 28
HB: A.Farrugia (c), 18 T.Hetherington 9, E.Brush 10
C: A.Eva 2
HF: J.Dal Pos 7, J.Barclay 34, H.Zreika 24
F: C.Bernardi 4, C.Staunton 13, Y.Bonner 27
Foll: E.McKinnon 23, C.Gum 26, R.Beeson 6
I/C: N.Barr 8, L.Stephenson 12, E.Bennetts 22, A.Parker 3, B.Perry 19
Emg: M.Collier 14, T.Mackrill 32

In: E.Brush, J.Barclay, B.Perry
Out: J.Hicks, A.Schmidt (injured), M.Collier


B: T.Randall 16, J.Grierson 19, E.Humphries 6
HB: B.Gibson 18, D.Hardiman 31, J.Duffin 27
C: E.Kearney (c) 9
HF: K.Gillespie-Jones 5, J.Garner 25, J.Bruton 35
F: S.Abbatangelo 1, M.Hope 23, K.Ashmore 10
Foll: Emma King 60, J.Stanton 17, A.Riddell 7
I/C: N.Bresnehan 12, J.Trend 21, Elisha King 4, A.Drennan 8, D.Bateman 11
Emg: C.Munn 13, C.Haines 29

In: Elisha King
Out: G.Nanscawen



Kaitlyn Ashmore ($11,920): 10 disposals, 6 marks, 4 tackles. Great stat lines from Ashmore first up for her new club. Going right back tonight. Can repeat. Gets right up the ground to lurk near the stoppages where she can apply those tackles, then gets back down and lays them in the forward line. They will need a big game from her tonight.

Bec Beeson ($9,460): Beeson played solid midfield minutes in between resting forward in game 1 and found 18 dispsols in a star-studded Giants midfield so I have no problem going back to her tonight against the Dogs who bat very deep in their onball brigade. I’d like her tackle count up though but it is slim pickings in the forward line.

Jamie Stanton ($13,390): I expect Kearney to be tagged tonight which means more opportunities for Stanton. Loves to tackle too. Go well.

Alicia Eva ($15,820): Big bounce-back game from Eva tonight. Likely a run-with role on Kearney. Can see her clearing 10 tackles. She wants this win more than anyone on the park.

Alyce Parker ($8,810):Liked what I saw from the rookie on debut. Was around the contest but just not in there that much which stopped her score from being really good. She lays a few more tackles and she is into premium dfs scoring territory on a near-bargain price tag.

Ashliegh Riddell ($9,930): Reeeeeeeally liked Riddell’s debut. 4 tackles, 14 disposals and a goal. Her attack on the footy and her willingness to get into the contest makes her perfecty suited to this game tonight.

Jess Duffin ($12,050): Assuming there is no rain, Duffin is almost a must-play tonight. There are not a lot of options in defence which makes paying up for Duffin crucial. 18 disposals first up and just as importantly were the seven marks. They like it in her hands at all times, from the goal line to the center square, and they look for her short and laterally. Doubt she repeats her 81pt game from last week but you should feel confident in a 60-65pt game here which could be 30+ on the next defender.

Phoebe Monahan ($6,560) With 14 disposals in her first game Monahan showed she is an improved player this season after a move into the midfield during the VFLW season. Cheap enough that if she fails completely she wont kill your team, but I suspect that 40pt range could be her new baseline for 2019. Solid cheapy play to save for midfield guns.

Tahlia Randall ($8,660): Big punt play here. King’s 7 tackles and 2 goals was an outlier for mine, wh8ilst McKinnon’s 31 hitouts wont happen again this week. Add to that the fact that the ball may end up in the Roos defensive 50 once every now and then this game, and Randall starts to have some appeal.

Salary Remaining: $3,400


AFLW Season

Games = 2

Spend = $30

Win = $35.65

Profit = $5.65