With so many stars out this slate is all about taking the value plays on offer and nailing your POD’s.

This team will be focusing on the value about the Tigers and the Dockers in the absence of their stars, as well as taking advantage of some matchup discrepancies.


Here is my team you can consider using, or building around, for Saturday’s $40,000+ Contest.


Kane Lambert ($13,130): We’re paying up for our forwards and hoping for 300pts today from two guns. Lambert is almost the last-man standing for the Tigers onballers so he can’t go missing. He must tackle, he must find the footy, he must run all day, very safe 120+ play for mine today. Should be 25%+ owned but worth every cent.

Patrick Dangerfield ($17,130): The Giants don’t tag which makes picking Dangerfield very appealing especially given he has a hospital symbol next to his name which should keep his ownership low. Huge price to pay but there is enough value about that on this slate and Danger can return a 140+ in the right conditions.


Darcy Tucker ($9,760): No Fyfe and no Banfield means there is midfield opportunity for some Dockers and Tucker has shown that that is all he needs to be able to score well in dfs. A 111pt, 24 disposal, 7 tackle game against the Kangas first up looks likely to be repeated in this high-intensity, pretty contested Derby.

Andrew Brayshaw ($10,130): Looked long and hard at Mundy but plenty of the field will do there and I didn’t have the coin, so Brayshaw the Younger is the pivot play at hopefully great ownership. Will get his midfield bump in Fyfe’s absence and I’m expecting a 10x value game from him here.

Jack Graham ($9,960): No Dusty and no Cotchin for the Tigers means those that are left need to step up big time. Graham must be in everything. There is a 40pt tackle floor there and he can find the footy when he wants to. Should be very highly owned but with so many Tigers appearing to be value plays who knows he could sneak under the radar a bit.

Jack Ross ($6,250): Don’t usually like to take rookies on big slates like this but Ross has been gifted the greatest chance at value you can ask for. Averaged 20+ disposals and 3 tackles per game in the U18 and is a clearance beast which is where they will use him so I expect that tackle average to climb. A 60-70pt value game is there.



Alex Witherden ($13,700): This is a big POD play today with plenty of the field likely to pay up for Laird or pay down in general for defenders, Witherden could come in at very low single digit ownership. I like him for a big 110-120 today.

Kamdyn McIntosh ($9,440):No Houli and no Short down back for Richmond means McIntosh will actually have to be a very involved wingman today. Tempting to pay right down for Broad in this spot who will be chalky, but McIntosh can have a big game in these conditions and I just trust his floor abit more here.


Paddy Ryder ($10,030):With no Rance for Richmond Ryder will have a full foot of height on his defender all game. Can see a really dominant 4 goal, 24 hitout, 10 disposal, 5 tackle game here. Ton beckons.


FWD: Kane Lambert ($13,130)

FWD: Patrick Dangerfield ($17,130)

MID: Darcy Tucker ($9,760)

MID: Jack Graham ($9,960)

MID: Andrew Brayshaw ($10,130)

MID: Jack Ross ($6,250)

DEF: Alex Witherden ($13,700)

DEF: Kamdyn McIntosh ($9,440)

RK: Paddy Ryder ($10,030)


Kick = 3 points

Mark = 3 points

Handball = 2 points

Goal = 6 points

Behind = 1 point

Tackle = 4 points

Free Kick For = 1 point

Free Kick Against = -3 points

Hitout = 1 point

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