Fantasy Insider on Draftstars

Since the dawn of Daily Fantasy Sports in Australia, Fantasy Insider has been the holy grail of lineup building. A $40 a month premium service which offered subscribers use of their Lineup Cruncher to generate the best possible combinations of teams across AFL, NRL, NBA, NFL and BBL and ultimately give their subscribers the winning edge

In a move that will level the playing field for players and deliver real savings to Fantasy Insider’s current subscribers, Draftstars and Fantasy Insider have entered into an exclusive partnership to provide their Lineup Cruncher absolutely free to all Draftstars players. We hope that this initiative leads to further growth of DFS in Australia and of course bigger prize pools for you to enjoy!

Scott Simic, Head of Operations at Draftstars, adds: 

“This partnership is a big win for our players and the DFS community. The ability to have Fantasy Insider’s amazing Lineup Cruncher integrated into Draftstars for all our players to enjoy  at no cost is a great thing. Our players can now easily try different strategies to build their lineups while increasing their knowledge and engagement at the same time. This is truly exciting.” 

For existing Fantasy Insider customers, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s still the same world class team managing the Lineup Cruncher you know and love from behind the scenes, however it will be exclusively available on Draftstars. Darryl Woodford, co-founder of Fantasy Insider had this to say: 

“After half a decade of offering tools and projections for the Australian DFS player, we’re excited to partner with Draftstars – the one constant in the industry over the past 4 years. This partnership opens up massive possibilities for players, providing opportunities to mass build lineups, test strategies, and work their way from the micro-stakes to the big leagues. With the Draftstars partnership, we’re able to work on improving our projections, and expanding the feature set of the Lineup Cruncher to provide the best all-round experience for the Australian DFS Punter”

So, as of today, you can access the Beta version of the Fantasy Insider cruncher directly from the Draftstars website. Once Beta is complete we will be releasing the full version along with some simple guides on how to use the cruncher for all of you that have not had access to it before. 

Stay tuned for a full update, but in the meantime give it a try with the return of NRL contests.

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