Draftstars NBA – Strategy to win the Big 400!

There’s no greater feeling than turning a tiny bet into a massive win. If it loses, it’s 1 less cup of coffee, but if it wins, it can be life changing!

Draftstars recently had a player win over $55,000 off $2 in entries and there’s no reason why you can’t be our next big winner.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at what it takes to win with a score above 400!

For those that haven’t played before, you start with a virtual team salary of $100,000 and select 9 real life NBA players to fill your team.  You need 2 Point Guards, 2 Shooting Guards, 2 Small Forwards, 2 Power Forwards and 1 Centre. Their real life scores then count towards your day’s total.

The best players cost more to play relative to their expected production. For example James Harden may have a salary of $23,000+ while his teammate Erik Gordon could be below $9,000.

The Draftstars Big 400 NBA competition has the following scoring system:

When picking your team and looking at your lineup, it is good to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it better to go with a high ceiling player surrounded by some known big performers? Or a team of mid-level players that could potentially go nuts?
  • With a salary cap of $100,000 and a target of 400 Draftstars points, how likely is it that you will get above 4 points per $1,000 spend for each of your players?
  • What is your reasoning for thinking that your players will have a big game? (Is there an injured teammate leading to higher usage rate for your player? Their minutes are trending up recently? Recent trade that may affect their output? Or they simply have been underperforming and are due a breakout game vs a weak defensive team?)

Consider this line-up for example:

The required fantasy points for each player would be the following to approximately hit the target of 4 points per $1000 salary and score 400 total:

Basing it on those numbers above, you can have a play around with some projections of what type of line it would take to get the required points, and can then determine with an eye test: how likely is it for those players to have a game like that, making them a positive value play?

Some examples of the type of stat line that would be required for each player can be seen below:

Who will let you down?

Based on his game log Chris Chiozza likely won’t put up a line like that above.

Harden? If you’re banking on him getting a 50 point triple double with 10 threes, that doesn’t look to be a good value play – heck, he’s the one player in the NBA that can actually put up ridiculous lines like that multiple times per season, however you may be better off downgrading there and upgrading elsewhere in your lineup.

The rest of the players could all potentially put up lines like that on any given night.

For a very helpful tool to calculate the type of output you will require from your players and to help you select your team, click here to download this DRAFTSTARS BIG 400 NBA STRATEGY EXCEL SPREADSHEET that I used to mock up those stats above. Fill in the points, rebounds, assists you project each player to get, and it will calculate each players Draftstars score, along with the total points that your team will get if they meet your expectations!

If things go according to your plans, then it is a good indication of the type of performance needed to hit that magical 400 total. It’s definitely not an unattainable target, and if you do manage to jag one, you can win prize money in the 5-figures off just a $1 entry fee!

Why waste money on instant win scratchies from your local newsagency, when you can have hours of entertainment following the day’s NBA games, and your skills and knowledge directly influence your chances of winning a major prize?

Have a crack today and enter more teams to increase your chances of winning!

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